Health is beauty. Beauty is health.

An organic hairdressing and beauty salon in Bilbao for those who trust in the benefits of botanicals.

Is it possible to colour your hair with respectful and 100% organic products? Sure, we have been doing it for more than 15 years. 

Natural is not at odds with trend, nor is beauty at odds with health. There is another way to care for your hair. 

And it is healthy, sustainable, effective and safe.

Find your best beauty secret in nature.

What image do you want to wear this season?

"I love red hair, but I'm afraid it will spoil my hair".

Sound familiar? Chances are you've had to choose between the look you were going for and keeping your hair healthy. 

You've probably had to deal with itching, allergies and scalp problems more than once. 

Not to mention the result. 

How many times have you left the hairdresser's with the feeling of being "overdone"? Or have you washed your head as soon as you got home because you looked weird? 

For beauty to be natural, it has to be just that: NATURAL. 

In all senses of the word. 

At Borganica we use the best of nature so that you leave with strong, healthy and beautiful hair that you feel comfortable with.

What makes us different from a "normal" hairdressing salon?

- We use only 100 % organic products and treatments. You won't find anything with chemicals, parabens, sulphates or silicones. What we do use are essential oils, floral waters and plant ingredients that are good for your hair. 

Rather better than the smell of hairspray and ammonia, don't you think? 

- We respect and we care for the environment as much as we care for you. 

- We are looking for real and natural results that last over time and are easy to maintain at home. Save yourself from coming to see us every so often.

Let me tell you how we got here.

I am Txelo, founder of Borgánica since it first opened its doors (under a different name) on 5 May 1987.

When Bilbao was still an ugly and grey city. 

So I am close to 40 years of experience and learning at the helm of this space that excites me more and more every day. 

In 2008, a compelling reason made me opt for a 100% natural hairdressing salon. 

I discovered that, as well as being the only way to protect your health, it makes your hair more beautiful, shinier and full of movement. 

If you want to know how to care for your hair naturally and safely, take a look here:

This is what those who have passed through our hands have to say